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Therapists at Rock Creek Therapy

Charlotte Blutstein

Charlotte Blutstein, LPC
Charlotte Blutstein is the founder and director of Rock Creek Therapy. She specializes in helping people with relationship and anxiety issues.

Wendy Meltzer, LPC, NCC

Wendy Meltzer, LPC, NCC
Wendy Meltzer helps couples and individuals process through conflict and communication issues with practical and compassionate guidance.

Lynn Roush, LPC, CAC-II

Lynn Roush, LPC, CAC-II
Lynn Roush has extensive experience helping people with substance use disorders, as well as trauma, depression, and self esteem issues.

Emily Wietmarschen, LPC, NCC

Emily Wietmarschen, LPC, NCC
Emily Wietmarschen weaves talk therapy and expressive therapy together in her sessions to help individuals better understand themselves.

Cynthia Bloom, LGPC, CRC

Cynthia Bloom, LGPC, CRC
Cynthia Bloom excels at helping people at the spot where work problems and life stressors overlap by mixing personal and career counseling.

Anna Kaspark, LICSW

Anna Kaspark, LICSW
Anna Kaspark helps people connect with their own strengths to overcome mental health and substance use challenges, via online therapy.

Samara Richmond, LGPC, NCC

Samara Richmond, LGPC, NCC
Samara Richmond brings a holistic approach to her work that allows for lasting change, not just symptom reduction.

Psychotherapist Mary Unverfeth Standing

Mary Unverferth, LGPC, NCC
Mary works with college-aged and early career professionals struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, interpersonal relationship issues, and difficult career changes.


Fiona Griffin, LGPC, NCC
Specializing in working with high achievers, Fiona fuses creative approaches with empirically proven techniques.


Jessica Brown Psychotherapist
Jessica uses psychodynamic, client-centered, and cognitive behavioral therapy to address every client’s unique needs.

Psychotherapy Philosophies and Practices

We are a group of psychotherapists who are committed to providing effective counseling and psychotherapy to the people of Washington, D.C.

By offering a customized approach to each individual, couple, or problem, we are able to work creatively to help our patients.

Many of those who have worked with us have experienced symptom relief, more satisfaction in their lives and relationships, and greater acceptance and understanding of themselves.

Our psychotherapists utilize the following philosophies and practices:

  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Relational Therapy
  • Existential Psychotherapy
  • Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
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